Roma Whisky Festival 2019: Our Photo Gallery of the Event


We thank the Roma Whisky Festival for hosting us. Here is our photo gallery of the event.

During the festival, its organizers announced that the first Whisky Academy in Italy will be opened soon in Rome. It is a project curated by the same organizers of the Rome Whisky Festival, the most prestigious Italian festival dedicated to all Italian lovers of malt distillate.


Roma Whisky Festival 2019


The Roma Whisky Festival 2019 awarded the Whisky cum Laude prize, which elected the best whiskies of the show, examined, as usual, by a jury of experts, according to the rule of blind tasting. Three categories were also chosen for this seventh edition:

Best Scottish Malt

Best Rest of the World Malt

Best World Single Cask


Roma Whisky Festival 2019


Finally, the best bottle ever was awarded the special Whisky & Smile prize.


Photo Credits: © Emanuele Valzania

You may also be interested in our interview with Pino Perrone, the Whishy Consultant of the festival.




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