Cavalli a Roma 2020: the Grimaldi brothers triumph in show jumping


At Cavalli a Roma 2020 we saw three days of exciting races, which have characterized the show jumping.

Rome Volkswagen Grand Prix

The Volkswagen Grand Prix, with a height of 1.60 meters and a prize money of 50 thousand euros, was won Sunday, after an exiting jump-off, by Eugenio Grimaldi riding Scara Mouche, the horse that gave him so much satisfaction in the Nations Cup. This victory is valid for the qualification to the final stages of the 122×122 Grand Prix Fieracavalli in Verona. The Neapolitan rider was honoured by Marco Di Paola, president of FISE, and Jimmy Ghione, special correspondent of Striscia la Notizia, an Italian satirical television program.


Two years ago, Eugenio Grimaldi discovered he had Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Since then, I value time differently. I sleep a few hours a night. I’m on the road a lot and I work out in my spare time. Never give up. You have to find the strength to devote yourself to your passions, whether it’s bowling, chess or puzzles. Horses have been part of my therapy.

The Six Bars

Eugenio’s brother, Guido Grimaldi, won on Saturday 15th February the first place of the Six Bars overcoming a height of 1.95 metres. Thanks to the result obtained at Cavalli a Rome 2020, Guido Grimaldi reached the minimum requirements for the Six Bars category of the CSIO in Piazza di Siena. Behind him, his brother Eugenio on Eagle, third Andrea Venturini on Deauville.


All the other results

From Qatar, Al Suwaidi Salmen Sultan on Aslan 69,  took the podium of the progressive difficulty competition with joker, presented by Selleria Equipe (1.40m). The second place went to Ernesto Marchioli on Landini Z, while the third place went to Anna Sophia Danalis on Mister Chayottes Z.


An extraordinary Nico Lupino won the Small Grand Prix on Mylord Carthender Dei Folletti. Second came Gianni Govoni on Hervesther and third again Nico Lupino on Cassius Clay. At Cavalli a Roma the up-and-coming Orvieto-born rider dominated the C140 category show jumping competition in a field challenge with the timeless Olympic Gianni Govoni. Speaking of Govoni, Nico Lupino said:

He is one of the champions I hold in the highest esteem. He is the fastest and I admire his way of facing the race. He leaves nothing to chance.

Born in 1988, Nico Lupino has achieved remarkable results in numerous competitions at national and international level: in 2019 he competed with the world’s best athletes at the CSI5*-W Jumping Verona and won 7th place at the World Championship in Lanaken.


The show jumping signed Veronafiere at Cavalli a Roma 2020 ended with the well-deserved victory of Elisa Ottobre, who closed her course very fast.

We say goodbye to this edition of Cavalli a Roma, which has been hailed with great satisfaction by the public and exhibitors, welcoming affectionate visitors with a transversal proposal dedicated to families and enthusiasts.

Leila Tavi & Denisa Kucik


Photos & Video: Courtesy of Cavalli a Roma

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