Micam 89: We’re All Mad About Shoes Here


MICAM is the main international footwear fair, held twice a year at Fiera Milano Rho, in February and September, and promoted by Assocalzaturifici, the association of Italian footwear manufacturers.

Inspired by the evocative atmospheres of Alice in Wonderland, MICAM 89 took place from 16 to 19 February 2020, with a preview of the F/W 2020-2021 collections, from cutting-edge materials to the most revolutionary consumer trends. Amongst the famous brands, presented their new ideas at MICAM for the first time: Hide & Jack, Manila GraceAlberto Fasciani, Borbonese, DKNY and Love Moschino.



MICAM in Wonderland Marketing Campaign

This innovative marketing campaign was made together with ITA (Italian Trade Agency) and MAECI. Astonishing sets have shown distorted volumes and perspectives, created by means of special wide-angle lenses, that deform the figure. All the symbols of Alice in Wonderland were represented, such as the famous “Eat me” biscuits, the “Drink me” bottles, sweets and playing cards.


Walking around MICAM Wonderland, in my mind resounded the words of the Cheshire Cat:

We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.

Nothing was as it appeared. Behind the apparently muddled, topsy-turvy images, there was a precise meaning, an order that on the surface appeared to be lacking, just as in Alice’s Wonderland.

Focus on Sustainability

Since its first edition in 1931, MICAM Milano has always anticipated trends. For its first appointment in 2020, MICAM Milano has renewed its layout, becoming aware of how environmental and social sustainability must be priorities also in the footwear industry, showing how the use of highly innovative and sustainable materials is not only an ethical choice, but an advantage, both in terms of style and technological innovation.

Siro Badon, Chair of Assocalzaturifici and MICAM, declared:

The digitalisation of production processes, an awareness of the issues of sustainability in the fashion supply chain, and the need to train and attract professional figures with up-to-date skills into our companies – these are the three issues that are changing the footwear industry all over the world.

MICAM Wonderdoll is the charity initiative for the environment which consists of a limited-edition collection of dolls representing the characters featured in MICAM in Wonderland, from an idea by the craft artist Allison Hoffman using recycled yarn. The proceeds went to Humana People to People in Italy.


MICAM showed the huge virtual installation called X-RAY FASHION by the director Francesco Carrozzini, presented for the first time at the Venice International Film Festival in 2018. This amazing work illustrates the urgent need to move towards a paradigm of sustainable fashion.


All Footwear Fashion Trends for F/W 2020-2021
Considered Comfort:  Push All Dress-Code Boundaries

In the name of comfort, the next F/W indoor-outdoor look pushes dress-code boundaries, exploring the new relationship between fashion and the home, with multi-purpose accessories, like, for example, slippers, ‘cool’ enough to be worn outside. We love the unisex handmade slippers from Kasti Studio, which use a lot of soft, natural and tactile materials, and shapes that cocoon and cuddle. Kasti is an emerging brand from Copenhagen, founded in 2018 from the need to re-invent products we use in our everyday lives, with emphasis on craftsmanship, timelessness, quality and comfort.


That’s me in Copenhagen trying to elevate my indoor/outdoor style with my lovely Kasti slippers, which are beautiful to look at, but very comfortable to wear. A soft cushioned feel and a small wedge for maximum everyday comfort.


Tech-tility: Actual vs. Virtual Reality

Tech-tility explores the thin line between reality and the virtual world, opting for a colour palette that recalls us the cold tones of our computer screen.  Of course, ‘smart’ fabrics are privileged, in the name of innovation and high-tech, able to respond to movement and regulate body temperature. In addition to clothing, trendy footwear also incorporates futuristic or gender-neutral lines and designs, typical of sportswear, such as activewear, that reshapes the body, or sneakers that we could also wear on Mars.


Reconstructed Legacy: Look to the Past to Find New Solutions for the Future

History is our identity. When the present seems uncertain, the past takes on an irresistible allure. Reconstructed Legacy explores how clothing can represent a link between past and future, in the most sustainable way possible.  Keeping this in mind, classic styles, such as the iconic preppy, are contaminated by streetwear, in turn contaminated by punk. Styles borrowed from the past are reinterpreted through tech fabrics and more modern forms, but with an intrinsic sense of value and history.


At this edition of MICAM Milano, 1205 exhibitors (628 Italian and 577 foreign companies) attracted considerable public success, despite the slight drop in attendance (-5%). We make appointment with our readers for MICAM Americas, to be held in Las Vegas from 17 to 19 August 2020 in conjunction with MAGIC and PROJECT, the most important fashion trade show in the USA.

Denisa Kucik



Photos & Video: Courtesy of MICAM, Kasti and Venice International Film Festival