KEELING Unveils Nature-Inspired FW 2024/2025 Collection at Pitti Uomo

KEELING shows its latest venture at Pitti Uomo in Florence. The brand unveils its FW 2024/2025 collection that embraces the paradoxical allure of nature. This season, the brand explores forms, materials, and colors inspired by the delicate yet resilient essence of nature.


Sustainable Fashion Roots

At the core of KEELING’s brand ethos lies a commitment to sustainability without compromising style. The sporty character of its clothing seamlessly marries innovative design and functionality with an unwavering dedication to exploring eco-friendly materials and dyeing techniques.

Collection Highlights

From jackets and trousers to sweaters and t-shirts, the collection’s protagonists embody a refined aesthetic and comfort. The regular fit remains a hallmark, drawing inspiration from maritime and martial archetypes, designed to enhance the functionality of daily wear with clean and harmonious lines.

Nature-Inspired Color Palette

The color palette, derived from natural tones, is expressed in five families: blue, grey, green, red, and écru. KEELING’s almost invisible logo discreetly placed near jacket hems or pant belts adds a touch of sophistication to each piece.


Innovative Dyeing Techniques

All pieces by Keeling are dyed using the exclusive waterless technique are crafted from materials such as jersey cotton or recycled cotton and elasticized nylon. This not only ensures a unique tonal quality but also aligns with the brand’s dedication to environmentally conscious manufacturing.

Beauty in Meaningful Design

KEELING’s charm lies in the pursuit of meaning and multifunctionality in essentially timeless garments. The collection represents intrinsic value, comfort, and long-lasting quality, creating dynamic garments meant to be more than lifeless objects in a closet.

Expressing Sustainable Living

KEELING becomes the expression of a genuinely sustainable lifestyle, echoing the shift towards mindful consumption and reconnecting with nature. The brand’s efforts towards sustainable manufacturing position Keeling as an influential testimonial for ocean conservation in the fashion industry.

As awareness grows about the environmental impact of excessive consumption and the stress on wellness, KEELING becomes a beacon for those desiring a return to simplicity with its FW 2024/2025 collection. Its colors, materials, and forms express a natural desire to rethink lifestyle habits and reconnect with nature. With a mission centered around marine ecosystems preservation, KEELING stands out as a compelling force in the world of sustainable fashion, placing the ocean at the heart of its mission. To discover KEELING’s sustainable new collection, don’t miss the winter edition of Pitti Uomo at Fortezza da Basso from January 9 to 12, 2024.