Padel Best Expo 2024: International Padel Extravaganza in Monte-Carlo

Padel Best Expo 2024: A Fusion of Sport, Innovation, and Global Unity

Padel Best Expo Unveiled

Bsg Group, a communication powerhouse, introduces Padel Best Expo, a groundbreaking international padel event, building on the success of the Five Padel Cup.

Five Padel Cup Evolution

The renowned Five Padel Cup evolves into a captivating event within Padel Best Expo, maintaining its identity as a padel enthusiasts’ haven.

Roberta Ceccarelli‘s Vision: CEO of Padel Best Expo, Roberta Ceccarelli, shares her pride in creating an immersive experience for enthusiasts and businesses alike.

The Sporting Extravaganza

Dive into the heart of the event—the Five Padel Cup—with courts set within the contemporary Grimaldi Forum, featuring international champions and inclusive tournaments.

Circolo Canottieri Aniene’s Commitment

The prestigious Circolo Canottieri Aniene continues its support for the Five Padel Cup, emphasizing inclusivity with wheelchair padel.

Dario Marcolin’s Return

Dario Marcolin, Talent Dazn and Networking Responsabile at Padel Best Expo, promises a circuit of engaging activities with prominent padel and sports figures.

Barbara Vitantonio: Voice of Padel Best Expo

Notable sports TV journalist Barbara Vitantonio becomes the official speaker for Padel Best Expo and the Five Padel Cup, anticipating an even more spectacular 2024 edition.

Social Impact

Padel Best Expo pledges support to Fight Aids Monaco and Football for Ukraine CIO, contributing to essential humanitarian causes.

Andrij Shevchenko’s Exclusive Racquet Release

Football legend Andrji Shevchenko personally participates in Padel Best Expo, releasing a limited edition of high-tech racquets for charity.

Industry Leader Presence

Padel Galis, a leading company in padel court design and installation worldwide, takes center stage at Padel Best Expo with their central court.

Open to All

Padel Best Expo invites the public to join this extraordinary celebration, offering a platform for businesses, enthusiasts, and players to connect globally.

Make sure to check the Padel Best Expo website for more details and ticket information.

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