Lovecraft Tales: a Journey into Pure Horror

Lovecraft Tales is a play inspired by the work of Howard Philipps Lovecraft, a writer whose fame is not inferior to that of Edgar Allan Poe.

Dramatization and direction of the show is by Mary Ferrara and takes place at Cappella Orsini, a beautiful church in the center of Rome.

Lovecraft is one of the greatest horror writer of the Twentieth Century: his tales evoke gloomy atmospheres, but the ability of the writer is to let your imagination roam, rather than describing in detail features, objects and characthers as Edgar Allan Poe does.

In Mary Ferrara’s version, the two main characters, Alexander (Andrea Famà/Alessio Chiodini) and Alice Lee (Silvia Magazzù) explore the amazing and scary world of imagination, through the random meeting of their lives.

As I explored this genre I have not only learned to appreciate it, but I have been given the possibility to imagine it for the theatre, mixing fiction and drama with the ‘fil rouge’ of a story without distorting any of them. This has not been simple, considering the contents of the writer’s tales: fantastic, oneiric, exploring mystery in all ways (Mary Ferrara)

The theatrical staging is really rich: characters’s tales are intertwined with some horror stories merging with romantic poetry.

Alexander stumbles on Alice’s diary: her diary is the key which will allow the main characther to access the girl’s lively imagination.

This is the beginning of a terrible journey inside the darkness of Alexander’s soul.



Lovecraft Tales will be on the stage until 15 October.

Dramatization and Direction by Mary Ferrara
with Andrea Famà, Alessio Chiodini and Silvia Magazzù
Translated by Mariella Ciarrapico
Cover Photo courtesy of Teatro Senza Tempo

Video by Lorenzo Pifferi

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