Shared Worlds: Exhibition by Vincenzo Giubba at Florence Art Deposit Gallery

Renowned architect, artist, and designer Vincenzo Giubba brings his passion for art back to life with the Shared Worlds exhibition at the Florence Art Deposit Gallery. Giubba, known for founding the Accademia Italiana, Arte Moda Design in Florence, revisits his artistic roots with a captivating display of iconic, colorful characters

Shared Worlds

A Return to Artistic Roots

Vincenzo Giubba, born in Lecce in 1957, has dedicated his life to the visual arts and painting. His journey began with a keen interest in various exhibitions from a young age. After obtaining an artistic high school diploma, he moved to Florence, where he graduated in Architecture with the highest honors. His thesis explored contemporary art and aesthetics, focusing on the dramatization and contemporary artistic research as processes of interpreting and transforming physical space. As an architect, artist, and designer, Giubba embarks on a new chapter, picking up his brushes to delve into a project that starts in Florence, the city where many stories began and others concluded.

Rediscovering the ’90s Icons

Giubba takes us on a nostalgic journey through the ’90s, revisiting his artworks displayed in various cities—Milan, Lugano, Florence, and more. These iconic pop characters, at times dramatic, at times whimsical, evoke distant cultures and realms internalized by the artist.

Pop Culture with a Personal Touch

In contrast to traditional pop art, Giubba’s pop culture is infused with interiority, fragments of memories, and references. The exhibition’s title, “Shared Worlds,” encapsulates the essence of his art—characters and cultures that resonate on a deeply personal level.

The Artistic Process: Rigor and Discipline

Giubba’s seemingly spontaneous brushstrokes belie a meticulous process marked by rigor and discipline. Even in the apparent gestural chaos, there’s a premeditation that fills the hours and days preceding the artwork’s creation.

A New Beginning: Recent Works and Reflections

As Giubba engages in the cleansing, fragmentation, and reinterpretation of his past works, new paintings emerge alongside. The exhibition prompts reflection on whether this marks a new beginning in his artistic journey.

Shared Worlds

Photos: Courtesy of Florence Art Deposit Gallery