Casaidea 2023: The Italian Forniture and Interios Fair is back in Rome


Casaidea 2023 is one of the best-loved events in the furniture and design sector and is back from 18 to 26 March at the Nuova Fiera di Roma.

Casaaidea 2023

Casaidea 2023 is a nine-day event where visitors will be able to discover the fittings of the best brands in the sector. On show will be highly qualified and specialised living solutions by furniture makers from the various regions of Italy. Attention will also be given to high quality craftsmanship representing local mastery and tradition.

Two pavilions at the Fiera di Roma are set up for Casaidea 2023: one dedicated to Renovation, Furnishing & Garden and the other to Design & Lifestyle, a journey through the new products and living trends of the more than 250 companies present for the 2023 edition, where visitors can be inspired by the best solutions in the sector with many proposals for the living area, sleeping area, kitchen, bathroom, fixtures and fittings, outdoor furniture and handcrafted products, all solutions in the name of style and high quality. Casaidea exhibitors also offer a range of value-added services, from design to technical assistance.

Saturated colours and eclectic contamination: a desire for fun and pop solutions for the living area at Casaidea 2023

Sofas, armchairs and furnishing accessories bring eclecticism and pop icons into the home, mixing romantic motifs from the past with unusual combinations, evoking a retro yet modern taste. With a kaleidoscope of materials, finishes and colours they light up rooms with increasingly versatile and custom-made solutions. Elegance reigns in all its forms, the interior design moves on essential lines and saturated colours tending towards matt, with contrasting fluorescent dots. To give style and character to the home, we can dare with colour, with a mood and palette of bright, vibrant hues ranging from orange to turmeric, from purple to fuchsia, from sage green to teal, from electric blue to turquoise. The focus on sustainability and the circular economy is essential: an example of this green mood is Coconut, one of the flagship products of the Matera-based company Egoitaliano, a system consisting of a swivel armchair and pouf, with parts made of recycled cellulose, which is both rigid and resistant, and outlines the curves and structure of the two pieces of furniture. The careful selection of materials, including leather, fabric, velvet and new technical materials, such as bi-elastic fabric, is combined with the innovation of the relaxation mechanisms to enjoy the comfort of a sofa at 360 degrees: seat recognition sensors, mechanised backrests and seats, and even integrated audio speakers with a 4D sound system guarantee the best experience in the world of comfort.

Casaidea 2023

Casaidea 2023

The door you don’t expect, illusions and solutions for functional and a lot of ideas to set or change your home

The hidden office, the secret passageway or the access to the Batcave, all hide behind an ‘invisible’ entrance, designed and created with ingenuity and creativity so as to blend in with the surrounding objects: to play with functionality and make rooms more transformable and original is the door/bookcase (one of the latest innovations from the Roman company Ianus) that can be made with simple shelves, drawers or doors, for a truly surprising illusion effect. The unexpected room can also be behind slatted walls made of solid wood slats, with visible grain or lacquered in any shade of colour, where push or pull doors can be accommodated, a TV set installed on the wall or any other object as desired, depending on the feasibility of the project. Space for art with glass doors, a true piece of furniture that makes the home more beautiful and bright, as well as original with the addition of a creative design. To reduce clutter and adapt to the spaces of every home, the doors proposed and on show at Casaidea 2023 can be concealed in the wall, installed to slide out of the wall, with a pelmet system and passage frame, or with the Magic system equipped with an opening mechanism hidden from view, or even with the Roteo system.

Casaidea 2023

Casaidea 2023

The energy island: how to make a house self-sufficient by installing a photovoltaic system with storage

Installing a photovoltaic system is one of the easiest ways to produce green energy and save on electricity consumption, as the energy produced does not generate any pollution, allowing you to reduce your energy consumption and thus your bill costs. Those who own a photovoltaic panel system produce the amount of energy needed for their needs in total autonomy. In addition, there are storage systems (batteries) to be integrated with the panels, which allow the energy produced but not self-consumed to be stored. In this way, one always has a supply of green energy, to be used at times when the sun is obscured or in the hours of darkness. On show at Casaidea 2023 is Next energy’s innovative energy management system with the Due Anelli.Due Correnti patent no. 10202000019156 – developed with the Politecnico di Bari and other prestigious partners – which makes it possible to concentrate low-power loads (such as lights, CCTV, intercoms, battery chargers, wi-fi routers, roller shutters, extractor hoods, thermostats, radios, alarms, etc.) extended in time in a 48 v dc hybrid ring, placed on the top of the walls of a typical house (about 100 square metres). By shifting most of the loads to the 48 VDC line, each below 300 watts, a very important reduction in electromagnetic loads is achieved. The photovoltaic panel system is proven to save 90% of consumption, is completely green, and is undoubtedly sustainable.

The innovative winter garden that breaks down the boundaries between indoors and outdoors at Casaidea 2023

The pleasure of experiencing an environment that simultaneously dialogues with indoors and outdoors, a veritable room that has the sky as its ceiling and nature as its outline, is the promise of KE‘s Sunlight range, an innovative winter garden that takes the concept of osmosis with the landscape to the extreme. Its glass roof, with its absolute fascination, allows an expanded 360-degree view of the outdoors. Nature thus becomes a spectacle to be contemplated and experienced to the full in all seasons, immersed in the warmth and natural light that is the absolute protagonist of this space of comfort. Whether dedicated to conviviality or the expression of one’s passions, the winter garden (freestanding or lean-to) thus becomes a “new place” that expands the usual physical map of space to colonise the outdoors and break down the boundaries between indoor and outdoor. The main novelty consists in the transparent or opaque white laminated glass roof, supported by aluminium crosspieces that enhance the surface to the fullest by providing luminosity and constructive lightness.

Casaidea 2023

A portable spa for life-enhancing relaxation at your fingertips. Even on the terrace

The search for innovative materials brings relaxation into the home: from the States here is a portable hot tub that can be installed anywhere, without any prior preparation, even in the home, from the wellness room to the terrace. Softub‘s internal structure is made of “PolyBond”, a very light and highly insulating material that keeps the heat inside the tub, reducing electricity consumption, while the upholstery is made of “LeatherTex”, an extremely resistant weatherproof vinyl. To complete the sense of well-being, LED lighting creates plays of light and atmosphere.

Casaidea 2023

Casaidea 2023 is organised by MOA Società Cooperativa. The fair renews its commitment to professionals and all lovers of the sector by proposing for the 2023 edition an exhibition concept that takes the visitor on a journey through design, along a free path between the stands, stimulating interest, attention and taste through continuous aesthetic contaminations. Casaidea’s format cleverly brings together industry and high-level craftsmanship, classic and design, promoting the most significant Made in Italy brands.

Appointment with Casaidea 2023 for the opening on 18 March in Rome.

Casaidea 2023

Photos: Courtesy of Casaidea 2023.