MICAM Milan 2023: A Spectacular Showcase of International Footwear Excellence

From September 17 to 20, MICAM Milan 2023, the International Footwear Fair, celebrated its 95th edition at Fiera Milano. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and innovation, the event shone as a global stage for over 1,000 brands.

Vistiors at the Emerging Designers Area.

Navigating MICAM Milan 2023: Trends, Talent, and Sustainability Take Center Stage

A total of 1024 brands, 520 Italian and 504 foreign, hailing from over 30 countries, graced the fair. Spain led the pack with over 100 companies. The event served as a melting pot for industry professionals, fostering discussions on the ever-evolving market.

The Emerging Designers Area.

Emerging Designers, Innovative Startups, and Sustainability Highlights at MICAM Milan 2023

MICAM Milan continued its tradition of spotlighting young talent with initiatives to promote emerging designers. The Emerging Designers’ area hosted 12 creatives from around the world, showcasing collections with a focus on sustainability and originality.

This year’s 12 Emerging Designers included Belledonne Paris (France), Bonamaso‘ (Spain), Caplait (Pakistan), Daniela Uribe (Colombia), Judy Mazzotti (Italy), Minacapilli (Switzerland), Mosca Shoes (Argentina), Pierini Calzature (Italy), Room (Brazil), Socque (France), Tachino Chie (Japan), and Ubac (France).

The Italian Start-Up area featured promising new start-ups dedicated to offering extraordinary proposals in terms of originality, sustainability, and usefulness. Collaborating with Startup Bootcamp and supported by ITA and MAECI, startups like Blockvision, CDCStudio, Dotzero, and Sneaknit showcased their innovative approaches.

Blockvision aims to accelerate sustainability goals in the fashion supply chain through an NFT tag stitched to the product. CDCStudio introduces cōēo, a technology to reuse waste fabrics and leather. Dotzero focuses on innovative, sustainable, and artisanal solutions for footwear, while Sneaknit utilizes advanced knitting technologies with a commitment to eco-friendly practices.

The talent of young individuals took the center stage on September 18 with the final fashion show of the Mittelmoda Fashion Award. This competition annually selects and rewards creations from young fashion and design students globally.

The Mittelmoda Fashion Award. During the fashion show of Frederick Liederley’s creation.

MICAM continues to play a pivotal role in driving the recovery of the national footwear sector. President Giovanna Ceolini emphasized the importance of the event in supporting companies to establish themselves and thrive in international markets. The significance of sustainability as a key factor in consumer purchasing decisions was also underscored.

MICAM Milan 2023 was a convergence of creativity, sustainability, and business acumen, reaffirming its status as a key event in the global footwear industry. The success of this edition sets the stage for continued growth and innovation in the future of footwear.

Denisa Kucik