Aza Lea presents a New Sophisticated Lady at Altaroma: a Mix of Japanese Culture, Hollywood Glamour, Jane Austen, and Made in Italy


Aza Lea presents its Spring Summer 2023 collection at Showcase Roma, an exhibition project conceived by AltaRoma dedicated to independent and emerging designers.

Aza Lea


Aza Lea Creative Designer

The creative designer of Aza Lea is Marta Liberatori. In 2020 she decided to found the brand with a very precise vision: ready-to-wear clothes where haute couture, traditional craftsmanship, and tailoring dialogue with innovation to create a new history of the paradigms of elegance. An experience cut out and sewn on the unique traits of women for a timeless contemporary classic that is out of fashion. Marta Liberatori emphasises her artistic freedom in all her collections, in fact each outfit is the result of an in-depth study of experimentation and modelling research with clean geometric lines that give sinuous shapes to the woman who finds sartorial elegance in every occasion of the day.

Aza Lea
Marta Liberatori
Aza Lea SS2023

For this Spring Summer 2023, the proposal is a collection with a strong and contemporary character. It is a tribute to Made in Italy, with dresses that are simple, clean-cut, and versatile, a contemporary minimal chic that finds its strong point in the shirt, the true centerpiece of Aza Lea. There are other interesting items in the SS2023 collection: skirts, trousers and dresses made of fabrics such as cotton poplin or gabardine, viscoses, silks and other natural fibres. A collection that represents well a contemporary woman who finds new stimuli and opportunities in the future of fashion, mixing heterogeneous styles in a single harmony that generates a renewed yet sophisticated present.

Aza Lea

The centerpiece of Aza Lea SS2023 collection

The Grace shirt is Aza Lea’s must-have, extremely refined, in all its variations: sleeveless in cotton and silk georgette or long-sleeved with a clear 18th century inspiration, with a high cuff enriched with covered buttons. Its particularity, besides the extreme elegance of the cuts, is the emphasised line of the collar which gives greater importance to the woman who wears it.

Aza Lea

Asymmetries & Minimal Geometries

In all Aza Lea outfits, the techniques used, from traditional techniques, typical of Japanese culture, create asymmetries and minimal geometries that are often combined with important volumes, such as balloon sleeves or very wide full skirts echoing the typical shapes of the 1950s.

Aza Lea

Affordable Luxury

With Aza Lea affordable luxury is declined in a contemporary wardrobe with attention to every detail where the identity enhances quality and research, clothes with a unique style due to the technical skill of top quality Italian craftmanship. All production is carried out exclusively in Italy with great attention paid to raw materials, always of Italian origin.