Maker Faire Rome 2023: Embracing Innovation, Private Equity, and Sustainable Solutions

Maker Faire Rome – The European Edition is set to captivate audiences from October 20 to 22, 2023, at the Fiera di Roma. This edition promises a rich experience with groundbreaking additions, including the “0100 Conference Mediterranean,” a two-day focus on Private Equity and Venture Capital. Discover the latest trends, network with industry leaders, and explore over 100,000 square meters of exhibition space across seven themed pavilions housing 600 attractions.


Private Equity and Venture Capital Unleashed: 0100 Conference Mediterranean

In a notable addition to the 11th edition, the “0100 Conference Mediterranean” takes center stage. This two-day event (October 19-20) is dedicated to the private equity ecosystem in Southern Europe. Partnering with Maker Faire Rome, it gathers high-level investors globally for plenary sessions, workshops, and matchmaking, connecting them with innovative enterprises.

Conferenza stampa di presentazione dell’edizione 2023 del Rome Maker Faire, Roma 04 Ottobre 2023.

Charting the Course of Innovation: Key Themes

Maker Faire Rome 2023 explores key facets of innovation, from digital manufacturing to the Internet of Things, robotics, artificial intelligence, circular economy, agritech, esports, and the latest developments in the metaverse and augmented reality.

The Intersection of Technology and Finance: Private Equity and Venture Capital

Given its established success, Maker Faire Rome integrates private equity and venture capital, engaging decision-makers in national and international private banking, insurance, and investment. The event serves as a platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and exploration of cutting-edge technologies.

Sustainable Innovation Takes Center Stage: Life Area

From digital manufacturing to esports, Maker Faire Rome features an expansive “Learn” area with educational activities, workshops, and lectures. A highlight includes the “Dis.abile | Iper.abile” project by CCN/Aterballetto and Sony CSL, promoting welfare through innovation.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Unveiled: Tech Marvels

Dive into the fascinating world of robotics and artificial intelligence. Collaborating with leading institutes, Maker Faire Rome showcases projects by individual makers, universities, and research institutions, offering hands-on experiences of the latest advancements.

Conferenza stampa di presentazione dell’edizione 2023 del Rome Maker Faire, Roma 04 Ottobre 2023.

Innovation in Agriculture: Agrifood and Circular Solutions

The “Agrifood” area presents over 60 innovations addressing agricultural and environmental challenges. From immersive experiences like “E&Y” to solutions like Polyter for efficient water absorption, Maker Faire Rome explores sustainable solutions and advancements in agritech.

Elevating Esports and Wellbeing: Padel Smash Future and More

Incorporating esports, Maker Faire Rome introduces “Padel Smash Future,” an immersive experience highlighting the synergy between technology and wellbeing. Witness the evolution of technology-driven sports with an emphasis on inclusivity.

Institutional Support and Collaborations: Partnerships

Maker Faire Rome 2023 enjoys support from institutions like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Agenzia ICE, and Regione Lazio. Collaborations with private and public entities underscore the event’s international and business-oriented focus.


As Maker Faire Rome 2023 unfolds, it emerges as a dynamic platform fostering collaboration, innovation, and sustainability. From private equity insights to groundbreaking technologies, the event encapsulates the spirit of progress and future possibilities.