Giorgini And The Origins Of Made In Italy: The first biography in English


Giovanni Battista Giorgini is often referred to as the “father of Made in Italy” because he played an important part in promoting and popularizing Italian fashion and design on a global scale.



G.B. Giorgini and the Origins of Made in Italy (Gruppo Editoriale, €49.00) is the first book to tell this extraordinary story about the birth of Italian fashion and the extraordinary Made in Italy through a profound rereading of the Giorgini Archive, the enormous documentation he himself left behind, relating to both his private and working life.

A coffee table book of more than 230 pages, in English and Italian-edited by Neri Fadigati and published by Gruppo Editoriale in collaboration with Polimoda. In this book are revealed not only historical photos, but also letters, invitations, programs, articles and other materials of the time.

The book was presented on Saturday, March 25 in the splendid setting of the Museo Nazionale Romano Palazzo Altemps, located in Rome. Speakers included Neri Fedigati, president of the Giorgini Archive; Daniela Calanca, researcher at the University of Bologna and professor of Fashion and Cultural Heritage; and Vittoria Caterina Caratazzolo, professor of Fashion Theory at La Sapienza University. Chair of the event was Alessio de’ Navasques, critic and curator, who oriented his research on the intersections between fashion and contemporary art.

In the early 1950s, Giorgini organized a series of fashion shows in Florence, Italy, featuring the work of Italian designers such as Emilio Pucci, Roberto Capucci, and Simonetta Colonna di Cesarò. These shows, which were attended by international buyers and press, helped to establish Italy as a leading force in the fashion industry and paved the way for Italian fashion to become a global phenomenon.


His efforts to promote Italian fashion and design were also recognized by the Italian government, which named him a Knight of Labor and awarded him the Order of Merit for Labor.

While Giorgini’s impact on the fashion industry was significant, it is important to note that the concept of “Made in Italy” was already well-established at the time, and had been used to promote Italian products in various industries for decades prior to Giorgini’s fashion shows. Nonetheless, Giorgini’s contributions to the fashion industry and the promotion of Italian style and craftsmanship have earned him a place in fashion history as one of its pioneers.


Photos: Courtesy of Archivio Giorgini