#StrongerTogether: MICAM & Lineapelle show Buyers the New Trends of Footwear and Leather in an Original and Creative Synergy


#StrongerTogether is the new formula thanks to which the traditional September fashion fairs at Rho Fiera Milano showed that entrepreneurs and artisans did not want to forego the “live” format. Many buyers took part in MICAM, the International footwear show, and A New Point Of View, the special format by Lineapelle, that showcased the most exclusive leather semi-finished products.

#StrongerTogether and the S/S 2021 collections were presented as world premieres in the September 2020 edition, with a complete offer rich in quality, design, and innovation content, which showed how entrepreneurs in the footwear and leather sector did not allow themselves to be overwhelmed by the serious economic crisis caused by the pandemic.




A New Start with Courage and Willingness to Do

#StrogerTogether hosted more than 16,000 buyers that believed in the relaunch of one of the most strategic sectors of Made in Italy and with their presence they rewarded the courage of all the exhibiting companies that chose to participate in the fairs. In addition to MICAM 90 Milano and Lineapelle were presented at Rho Fiera Milano: MIPEL, the international event dedicated to leather goods and leather accessories, and HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition, the event dedicated to jewellery and fashion accessories.




MICAM is the main footwear event in the world, organised by ANCI Servizi and promoted by Assocalzaturifici Italiani. #StrongerTogether, as for the February 2020 edition, gives great importance to innovation and digitisation of production processes. Sustainability, which is by now a sine qua non for Made in Italy, and new ways of doing retail were of great importance at MICAM 90.


Micam in Wonderland
TheOneMilano Special

TheOneMilano Special, the exhibition of women’s haut-à-porter, was featured for this September edition by MICAM, presenting several capsule collections consisting of leather, fabric, and fur clothing so that buyers could compose a total look with the best accessories in the footwear sector.


MICAM Milano Digital Show

MICAM Milano Digital Show, the digital version of the event, was created to allow foreign buyers who, due to restrictions on international travel to contain the spread of Covid-19, could not join the event. This online version of MICAM was in collaboration with NuORDER, the leading eCommerce platform for b2b purchases and sales, establishing a single platform for communication, sales support, and post-sale services for the footwear industry was added to the exhibition.

Workshop conference Micam X Square
Emerging Designers

#StrongerTogether and MICAM 90 promoted the fourth edition of the Emerging Designers project, the event area dedicated to twelve international shoe designers, selected through an innovative concept realized in collaboration with Honegger agency.




Among the Emerging Designers of this edition, the most interesting proposal was that of Yatay. The brand is based in the Marche region, where there is a high concentration of footwear industries and an ancient tradition in shoe manufacturing. Each trainer is handmade with minimum environmental impact, using eco-sustainable materials, the “bio-polyols“, i.e. polymers extracted from cereals and corn. Recycled tyres and plastic bottles are also used in the production process. On the back of the sole, where the label is usually applied, is instead a number, which represents all the environmental initiatives undertaken by Yatay. Through that unique code, it is possible to recycle a pair of Yatay that are no longer used. The disposal of Yatay trainers is done in collaboration with the Italian non-profit organisation Retake. At the same time, the code is valid for planting a tree in a forest at risk of extinction in the world.

Emerging Designers, Yatay

Another interesting brand coming from the same Italian region is Déplacé, born from the combination of the passions of three creatives: Marco Contigiani, a fan of music, technology, and good food, Aldo D’Autilio, an architect who studies design, and Leonardo D’Autilio, who loves art, tattoos, poetry, and writing. The result is a futuristic interpretation of urban and outdoor trekking focusing on rubberised leather, reflective trim, neoprene, high-tech fabrics, and drawstring fastenings. The Déplacé website is particularly innovative, with animations and a graphic novel style.

Emerging Designers, Déplacé
Alohas Sandals

Sustainably and ethically made, but also elegant and eye-catching are the Alohas sandals, made of natural materials, with the highest leather materials for the top part and recycled car tyres for the sole. They are handcrafted by artisans in Spain. Part of their profits is used for their Step by Step project. They are shoebox-free and are delivered in a handcrafted cotton bag. Ideal for travel and holidays, with their medium, square heel. Moreover, all the sandals and accessories come with a return policy if it is damaged or torn. Also, if you do not like the quality of the product, you can return it.

Emerging Designers, Alohas Sandals

As far as Lineapelle is concerned, the Undersecretary of the Ministry for Economic Development, Alessia Morani, announced during the show the long-awaited ministerial decree that clarifies which brands in Italy deserve the wording “genuine leather“. 326 exhibitors took part in the event: tanneries, producers of accessories, components, fabric and synthetics, chemicals, and technology services.



A New Point Of View

A New Point Of View engaged its reference community in “phygital” mode, presenting trends for the 2021/2022 winter season based on a mood called The Era Of Simplifying 2 Slow Is The New Hot. Divided into 4 sectors of creative experimentation (Metamodern Basics, Loungewear Mood, Nostalgic Imperfection, Creative), more than 120,000 interactions from 30 Countries on the social platforms of Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.




The Caddie Digital Service

Thanks to the new Caddie digital service, with one-to-one live streaming on demand, it was possible to connect the exhibitors at A New Point Of View remotely with several important customers in China, Japan, Brazil, the USA, and South Korea.



We were particularly impressed by the samples of two exhibitors specialised in suede leather: A22 Tannery and Opera.

A22 Tannery

The company takes its name from the A22 highway that links the two main districts of the Italian leather industry – Veneto and Tuscany, covered every week by the two owners.

#StrongerTogether a22


Opera Tannery

Conceria Opera is located in the heart of the tannery district in Santa Croce sull’Arno and specializes in the processing of suede splits, which are skins with a very good cutting yield and excellent characteristics for both men and women’s footwear, boots in particular.

#StrongerTogether Opera


Digital Craftsmanship

The hallmarks of #StrongerTogether have certainly been the genius and flair of Made in Italy, that manages to give the best of itself even in a state of emergency. The excellence of the Italian craft tradition finds a new dimension and a new start thanks to digital.

Denisa Kucik

Photos: Courtesy of MICAM & Lineapelle