Moacasa 2023 Unveils the Future of Design: A Showcase of Innovation and Sustainability

Moacasa 2023 invites you to discover the future of design with a showcase of innovation and sustainability. From October 28 to November 5, explore the fusion of tradition and innovation, featuring sophisticated design trends and a commitment to environmental consciousness.

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Maker Faire Rome 2023: Embracing Innovation, Private Equity, and Sustainable Solutions

Maker Faire Rome 2023 returns with a focus on innovation, private equity insights, and sustainable solutions. Dive into the latest advancements in technology, explore the future of agriculture, and witness the synergy between esports and wellbeing.

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MICAM Milan 2023: A Spectacular Showcase of International Footwear Excellence

MICAM Milan 2023, held from September 17 to 20, marked its 95th edition with a vibrant display of over 1,000 brands, emphasizing quality, sustainability, and innovation. With 520 Italian and 504 foreign brands from 30 countries, the event was a global platform. The fair spotlighted young talent, presenting 12 Emerging Designers and showcasing Italian startups. Sustainability took center stage with startups focusing on eco-friendly practices. The event also explored the future of retail, featured the MICAMX innovation hub, and emphasized sustainability with the VCS Verified & Certified Steps area. Overall, MICAM Milan 2023 proved to be a crucial hub for industry professionals, fostering creativity, innovation, and sustainability.

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