Eveline, a Drink inspired by the Key: a Symbol of Freedom and Knowledge

This month we discover the taste of the signature cocktail Evelina, that bartender Pietro Testa of Al Tagliando gin and tequila bar in Milan proposes to E-goTimes readers.




Pietro Testa, director and barman of Al Tagliando gin and tequila bar in Milan


6 cl N.3 London Dry Gin
2 cl fresh lemon juice
1 cl sugar syrup
0.75 cl Rose Rosolio
egg white q.s.
1 chilli pepper
Glass: Low tumbler
Garnish: Rose petals


Pound the chilli into a shaker, pour in the No.3 Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and egg white, then shake the ingredients vigorously. Add ice and shake for a further 7 seconds. Strain the cocktail using the double strain technique and pour into a low tumbler glass. Pour the Rose Rosolio into the glass with a spoon and finish by adding rose petals to the cocktail.


The drink is inspired by the meaning of the key, which represents the power to cross a threshold, a symbol of freedom, discovery and knowledge. To discover the rest of Pietro Testa’s inspiration. Testa is currently director and bartender at Al Tagliando gin and tequila bar in Milan, after a decade of experience in various Milanese bars, including Gino12Canteen, Saigon, and Ricci.

All you have to do is drink it! All with the flavour of N.3 London Dry Gin!
Remember,  drink in moderation and enjoy the flavour and pleasure of the signature cocktails we suggest in complete relaxation.