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Oriental Key: the Flavours and Magic of the Orient in a Cocktail

Oriental Key is the drink to toast the new year, hoping that our readers will soon have the possibility to discover again exotic and fascinating places. In the meantime, let’s sip a special cocktail Riccardo Martellucci has created for E-goTimes, dreaming of faraway destinations.

BARTENDER: Riccardo Martellucci, barman of QVINTO in Rome

6 cl N.3 London Dry Gin
2 cl Basil Syrup
3 cl Yuzu Juice
Top of Gosling’s Ginger Beer
3 drop angostura bitters

Garnish: Shiso leaf

oriental key


Pour into a shaker the No.3 London Dry Gin, the yuzu juice, the basil syrup, insert a shiso leaf, and shake vigorously. Pour the strained cocktail into the serving glass, add a top of Gosling’s Ginger Beer and stir gently to avoid disgorging the latter. Place a chunk of ice and a shiso leaf in the glass as a garnish and pour in 3 drops of Angostura.


Oriental Key is a cocktail with an oriental twist where the flavours of the East perfectly blend with the spicy and citrus notes of N.3 London Dry Gin, a spirit with a centenary history, which was born in a legendary shop in London, at number 3 St. James’s Street and its name also recalls its 3 different spices and its 3 fruits.

oriental key

We look forward to meeting E-goTimes readers at the next signature cocktail… remember to drink responsibly!