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Cin Cin Cinema presents: “Rosso Relativo”, a Chistmas Drink created by Bartender Leandro Serra


Cin Cin Cinema, our column dedicated to signature cocktails inspired by the great masterpieces of cinema, is back to offer E-goTimes readers a cocktail inspired by a noir that celebrated its seventieth anniversary this year, Sunset Boulevard, directed by Billy Wilder.


(inspired by the film Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder, 1950)


Leandro Serra, bar manager at The Duke Cocktail Lounge Bar in La Maddalena (Sassari)

cin cin cinema
Bartender Leandro Serra

4 cl N.3 London Dry Gin
1 cl Bitter Rouge
1 cl Aperol
2 cl Amber Vermouth
Drops of Jefferson Tincture

Glass: cocktail glass
Garnish: edible red rose


This drink is prepared in a mixing glass. Use preferably a steel shaker, that must always be cooled before mixing. Pour the ingredients into the mixing glass, mix for a few seconds and serve in a chilled glass. On the stem of the glass, an edible red rose as a garnish…


Barman Leandro Serra drew inspiration from the classic of classics Sunset Boulevard, starting with the epochal line, “Alright, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up” because, exactly like diva Norma Desmond, this drink is also ready for its close-up. Rosso Relativo, exactly like the controversial and intriguing love story of the film: red, exactly like the sunset, the background of passion that explodes into blood, into sweet and macabre revenge. An inspiration that is based on the right choice of products with which to compose the cocktail: N.3 London Dry Gin, already perfect for the preparation of the Martini Cocktail – Serra’s favourite drink. The choice of the other products starts with the herbal notes of Bitter Rouge, the spicy notes of Aperol, a sweet note is given by Vermouth Special Reserve “Ambrato”, with a shiny amber colour and a ruby nuance, and the closing of the Jefferson, a bitter made only with tinctures, which gives the drink a bitter but delicate flavour, just like the film’s finale.

cin cin cinema
Relative Red
Drink in moderation and enjoy watching Sunset Boulevard!