Alchimista: Davide Lusardi, a singer who likes to experiment with melodies and electronics

Alchimista is a singer-songwriter born in 1993. Since his childhood, he has been attracted to the world of music. He played the piano and the guitar, then in his teens, he joined different bands, before embarking on a solo career. His songs are autobiographical. He is constantly in search of the right alchemy between emotions in his songs.

Alchimista released his latest single Oceano in October 2020.
Alchimista explains to E-goTimes readers:

Oceano wan invas born to free myself from the pain that was caused to me by a person, it is a love song but also a song of freedom, and it tells about two people who despite being separated by an ocean, still remain linked by isible thread.

After a long apprenticeship in clubs and participation in various national contests, he had the opportunity to perform at the Mei in Faenza, for the Meeting of Independent Labels. He also won the critics’ prize at the Friends of Music Festival, organized by the Altrove Theatre in Genoa. This important musical award was given to him by singer-songwriter Omar Pedrini and Steve Hewitt, former drummer of Placebo. Noteworthy was his performance with the Bastards Sons of Dioniso.

Alchimista made her solo debut with Matto, published in December 2019 and Canzoni dal Divano, an ep born during the quarantine period, in collaboration with rapper Roccia and published in the summer of 2020.


We asked Alchimista for a comment on his music:

We are all different but what we have in common are our life experiences and I think it’s nice to be able to share little bits of mine with others, to make those who listen to me recognize themselves in my words and my music. My music is not labelable and I am always working to create new sounds that represent my world, where songwriting and electronic music come together.

After the release of his latest single Oceano, Alchimista is working on his new solo album and at the same time on a collaborative project with other artists.

We would like to thank Alchimista, who we hope will soon be our guest again to present his next projects.