International Studies: The Right MA Programme In Rome To Dig Deeper Into The Global Issues That Matter


The Department of Political Science at Roma Tre University offers one of the few MA Program in International Studies in Italy taught entirely in English.


The MA Programme in International Studies (MAIS) prepares students for a career in diplomacy, international organizations, NGOs, business, and research.

International Studies

The MA Programme in a Nutshell

Its core study areas are International HistoryInternational Relations TheoryInternational Macroeconomics, and International Law. Students can specialize in such topics as Conflicts, Peacekeeping, International Security, Environmental Policy, Human Rights, Development Economics, Trade and Financial Regulation, Diplomacy, Migration and Refugees, as well as and the role in global issues of  International Organizations such as the European Union or the United Nations. Students can also study foreign languages such as Arabic, Russian and Chinese.

The Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science at Roma Tre University has an international teaching staff, trained both in Italy and abroad, and offers a broad range of high-quality research and teaching in diverse disciplines, on a variety of topics and with regional specializations in European, North and South American, Middle Eastern, Asian and African studies.

Roma Tre University

Roma Tre University is a young university for young people. Founded in 1992, it has rapidly grown in terms of students and courses and today encopasses 13 Departments. Among its founding values are the promotion of high-quality international research, excellence in advanced education, as well as the development and dissemination of knowledge, environmental protection, international solidarity, gender equality, and the encouragement of merit. As a dynamic, modern, and international university, Roma Tre is helping drive the urban development of Rome, contributing to the city’s identity by converting abandoned industrial buildings into factories of knowledge and research, connecting Rome with the whole world.

A webinar to present the MA Program will be streamed live on Monday, May 22 at 4;30 pm (CEST). Join Roma Tre webinar at this link.

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