Good Governance for the Environment and Climate in Italy: the New App of the Ministry for Ecological Transition


Good governance for environmental protection in Italy represents a new way of “putting knowledge into circulation” on the environment and climate.

For this good governance, an app has been developed that can be downloaded from the “store” of the most popular mobile operating systems, the mobile application of the “Platform of Knowledge”, a portal that contains over 150 good practices for the environment and climate, divided into eight macro-themes, made overtime via the major EU funding programmes in the environmental field (LIFE, Horizon2020, VII Framework Programme …).

Knowledge Platform App

The Knowledge Platform App proposes an innovative vision of the Italian Ministry of the Environment providing a website with new functions: above all, the geography of the projects, an Italian map representing the location of the good practices, allowing each user to discover and know in which area of the national territory they have been developed. An Augmented Reality ” path of knowledge” also allows, via Qr Code, to open the technical “Card” with the main information on the various environmental issues addressed by the portal.

The Platform was created with the aim of sharing best practices and encouraging networking activities between the developers of best practices and all those who are willing to implement these actions. The platform is aimed at all public and private actors who wish to invest in the environment, providing them with methods, techniques, and models already successfully tested in Italy.

good governance

Let’s set us straight

With the aim of disseminating and replicating the “good governance” actions for the environment and climate that are part of the Platform, the LQS line of “Mettiamoci in RIGA” (Let’s set us straight) has been created, a project of the Ministry of Ecological Transition carried out in accordance with the 2014-2020 NOP Governance and Institutional Capacity: a journey that until 2023 will propose seminars, coaching, study stays and other opportunities.

good governance

Line of Action

The Mobile Application and the updating of the Knowledge Platform website are born within the framework of this project, as a further tool for the dissemination and communication of the good practices identified by the Line of Action.